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Stephen A Trapp of Huntington New York, Tulsa Oklahoma and Columbia Maryland

Stephen Trapp of Huntington NY, Tulsa Ok and Columbia MD


I am a privet pilot with interment rating

The operations manager of LISA (Long Island Soaring Association ) 2014-2016

Webmaster of LIDA (Long Island Diver Association)

System Admin for Rejuvenol Labs


I have had some health issues lately. As most of you know, I am a private pilot. I failed my flight medical in April 2014 - I passed everything, except I had protein in my urine. Two days later @ 11:00am, I started to slur my speech. Two weeks later, I went to the hospital and was admitted for 3 days. Had a CAT scan, MRI, ECHO, ENDOSCOPY. Checked for stroke, and aneurysm, tumors, heart problems; all tests were negative. In mid-May, my equilibrium was a little off and speech was worsening. In June, I got my FCC Amateur Radio License (General class KD2GZV); my equilibrium was way off.

Today, my slurred speech is hard to understand and I can't walk very well. I have weak muscles all over. This has been within 5 months. I haven't worked since mid-August. I feel like my Health Insurance is treating me like I have a cut finger. I am still waiting for a diagnosis.

I was at QLMG (Babylon Medical Offices 300 Bayshore Road North Babylon, NY 11703 (my health provider) (631) 586-2700) 9/8/14 and the girl (Roxanne) in the referral department told me that I got insurance from NY State of Health (ObamaCare), that it is a substandard insurance plan and that doctors do not take it ... that is why I have not gotten good health care. My biggest regret is I listen to my neurologist Dr. SALAMA,FAWZY and he said that my equilibrium problem was only temporary.

I have been to a neurologist at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in Manhattan and saw Dr. Halina White. I thought I would have a crew of doctors at NYP looking at my case but I was wrong it was like I went to a neurologist in Mahnomen Minnesota (the middle of nowhere).

The doctors can't figure out my symptoms:
My blood (50 vials) work is all normal
My MRI & MRA of the brain is normal
My PET / CAT scan is normal ( no cancer)
My EMG is normal test 9/11/14 at NY Presbyterian Hospital

I went to a neurologist affiliated with Beth Israel Hospital on 9/11/14 DR. Stephen N Scelsa and is a leading doctor on ALS he did an EMG on me and said I donít have ALS but I mite have PLS (not fatal)
As of 12/3/14 I canít walk or stand very well.

I got notice on 12/5/14 that my SSI benefits start in March 2015 but it doesnít cover all my monthly expense. I also got notice I start medicare Part A (hospital) and Part B (medical) in February 2015. That was fast for Medicaid my attorneys for SSI told me that I would get my Medicaid in 24 months after SSI benefits. That is a big load off me.
On 2/2/15 my social security attorneys Turley Radman Rosasco & Rosasco will not be changing me for there help in getting me my SS benefits.

My health provider QLMG fired my neurologist Dr. SALAMA,FAWZY and never recommended a new neurologist. I was on my own.

Today, Jan 20 I went to my new neurologist, Dr. Stephen N. Scelsa. My faith in the medical field has been restored. After the DVD did not load on his office computer because of workplace security, Dr. Stephen N. Scelsa took the DVD home to review my brain scan (an MRI and an MRA) from July 2014, and said he CLEARLY sees something. He said he can CLEARLY see I have spinocerebellar ataxia Type 3 (SCA3) my old neurologist and the Doc that read my MRI should have not mist it.

Obviously this was not read correctly 6 months ago. My primary doctor back then, Dr. WILLIAM KROTZ at Queens Long Island Medical Group (QLIMG Babylon Medical Offices 300 Bayshore Road North Babylon, NY 11703), my health provider, was treating me like I had a cut finger. He sent me to an in-house neurologist, Dr. FAWZY SALAMA, who ordered the MRI and MRA. The radiologist who read the scans only saw I had sinus problems and Dr. FAWZY SALAMA diagnosed me with malnutrition in July?? He was fired 1 month later from QLIMG and there was no attempt to get me a new neurologist.

I will see another neuro to get another opinion. I will keep everyone updated once the second diagnosis is confirmed.



As of 2/2/15 I slur my speech very bad and it is hard to understand me and I can't walk very well.

Please pass this along to my friends and family you know I know
Yours truly,
Steve Trapp



I have slurred speech  and equilibrium is off "protein in urine" and weight loss (I have hade no stroke )

All blood work is normal.

MRI is Normal

PET Scan is normal

muscle weakness

Doctors can not fix  me

I can't Work !!


I am getting tired of hearing I will see you in two weeks for nothing.  My health plan (HIP Siver) has failed me. My GP ( Dr. )
Why did it take so long (two months) to get an appointment to the kidney doc, the  kidney doc said  he would have seen me right away if  the Dr. called him.


History of Steve Trapp


4/10/14  FAA Flight Med  Failed protein in urine

4/13/14 Got slurred speech


5/5/14 Local Doctor (Krotz assistant)

5/5/14 South Side hospital Emergency Room

5/7/14 South Side hospital Emergency Room

5/20/14  equilibrium is a littel off


6/1/14  equilibrium is way off

6/2/14  Saw Dr. KROTZ,WILLLAM C (first time)

6/2/14 Saw Dr. SALAMA,FAWZY (neurologist)

6/10/14 Saw Dr. SALAMA,FAWZY

6/20/14 Weight 174Lb

6/14/14 MRI MRA part1

6/17/14 MRI MRA part2


7/18/14 Saw Dr. SALAMA,FAWZY

7/28/14  (Dr. Sudhir Goyal kidney doctor First time)

The Kidney Dr.(Sudhir Goyal) said if Dr.Krotz had called his office he would have seen me ASAP not two months later

7/20/14 Weight 172Lb


8/11/14 Weill Corell Neurology Dr.White

8/12/14 (Dr. Sudhir Goyal kidney doctor

8/20/14 Bart's Brother is a veterinarian, He said look in corn and fungal infections....

8/20/14 weight 171Lb

8/22/14 Saw Dr.  KROTZ,WILLLAM C

8/22/14 Canít work equilibrium is way off (walking is very difficult)

8/24/14 weight 170Lb

9/8/14 got Handicap sticker

9/8/14  weight 1680Lb


I was at QLMG (Babylon Medical Offices 300 Bayshore Road North Babylon,NY 11703

(631) 586-2700) 9/8/14 and the girl in the referral department told me that I got insurance from NY State of Health (ObamaCare) That it is a substandard insurance plan and that Doctors do not take it Ö that is why I have not gotten a EEG test


My heath insurance (HIP) has failed me




I have 3 patents in use for 20 years
I am a privet pilot / Instrument rating, I fly gliders, SCUBA Rescue Diver, have a Generalclass FCC license (ham), I fly R/C planes,  ride motorcycles
I am A prof.  Troubleshooter  


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